Over 10 years in the game

With over 10 years in the field, I've been working across different type of projects from early-stage startups to enterprise companies. I had the chance to work with clients across the globe from the United States, to Europe, Australia and the Middle-east and I got to understand different cultures and how to design for different markets.

CSS Design Awards

  • 1x Designer of the Year
  • 1x Best UI Designer of the Year
  • 1x Designer of the Year Special Kudos
  • 2x Website of the Year Special Kudos
  • 8x Website of the Day
  • 6x Special Kudos
  • 18x Innovation, UI & UX Awards

Digital Design Award

  • 1x Freelance of the Year
  • 1x App of the Year
  • 1x App of the Week
  • 2x Freelance of the Year Nominations
  • 3x Finalist


  • 2x Finalist Independent Designer of the Year
  • 2x Site of the Day
  • 1x Developer Site of the Day
  • 13x Honourable Mentions


  • 10x Features in UI/UX


  • 1x Digital Design Days
  • 1x Sydney Designers


  • 2x SketchApp at Digital Design Days
  • 2x SketchApp at AcademyXi


  • 1x CSSDA Greatest Clcks 2010–2016
  • 1x Ligature Journal


  • 1x Digital Design Award
  • 1x RapidGems
  • 1x Baron Magazine
  • 1x CSSDA Life as a Freelancer
  • 1x CSSDA Judge Interview
  • 1x Product Disrupt
  • 1x Digital Nomads


  • 1x 107 of the Brightest Creative
  • 1x CommArts WebPicks
  • 1x Abduzeedo Article
  • 1x Abduzeedo Weekly Roundup
  • 2x GreenSock Showcase
  • 1x 99 Designs
  • 1x Webdesign Ledger
  • 1x Webdesigner Trends
  • 1x DesignModo
  • 1x Blog Du Webdesign
  • 1x Creative Bloq
  • 1x Site Point


  • 1x Numbers matter. Numbers don’t matter
  • 1x 2016, the year of Disruption


  • 1x Paris for ImageNation by DeFactory
  • 1x Livorno for ImageNation by DeFactory
  • 1x Desenzano for ImageNation by DeFactory
  • 1x Milan for ImageNation by DeFactory
My Life

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